In August, 2018, I had dinner with my best friend, Ann, and during our dinner conversation, she told me about a women’s organization in Westerville, Ohio called 100 Women of Westerville. Get 100 women together for 1 hour, each donating $100 and the result is $10,000 in 1 hour for 1 charity/non-profit. 

French City Society ISN’T just for women!!! We also have men as Committed Members!!

After doing some research, I contacted 100 Women of Westerville and they invited me up to their final meeting for 2018. Ann and I went to observe and to see just how it all worked. To be honest, it works seamlessly. After the meeting, Katie and Tania were very helpful in answering questions that we had and gave me forms and other items they use to help make the process of creating French City Society a lot easier. This website is based upon their website as well and of course with their permission! 100 WOW’s concept was adopted from another organization too! Team work makes the dream work!

***UPDATE*** 100 WOW was formed from 100+ Licking County – WAIT FOR IT….. the founder is from GALLIA COUNTY!!! Talk about full circle!!

I have been a part of and lead many fine organizations in Gallia County and the one constant rings through – the same people doing the same work, giving the same time and donations over and over and over. There isn’t anything wrong with that except those same people doing all of the work get burnt out.

By attending the 100 WOW event, I learned that by simplifying the process, you achieve the same goal in less time and with stronger outcomes – not to mention the fellowship – who doesn’t have an hour or so to give back to OUR community and doing so by spending the evening out with the best people we know?!

We hope that you will come onboard with us! We have a great time together while making a big impact in our community!!

Paula Williams-Wray
Founder & Executive Director, French City Society